Sugar Waxing

The Amazing Benefits of Sugar Waxing

Are you interested in removing unwanted hair from your body? Would you like smooth, hairless skin…naturally?

If you are interested in natural hair removal but want a less painful treatment that yields longer results, you might want to consider sugar waxing.

Reasons to try sugar waxing

1. Natural Ingredients

While traditional wax that is used in salons often contains a number of strange chemical ingredients, sugar waxing is clean enough to eat! Most sugar waxes — including ours — contain mainly sugar, and some form of citrus that acts a preservative.

With only natural ingredients involved, you can feel good about putting sugar wax on your skin!

2. No Risk Of Getting Burned

Have you ever been burned during a waxing treatment? If so, you know how painful it can be.

With sugar wax, you don’t have to worry about burns since the wax only has to be warmed to body temperature. No welts, no scars, just smooth skin!

3. Easier Clean Up

When you get a traditional wax treatment, it can sometimes be very difficult to remove the wax from your skin. Sometimes the removal process is downright painful!

One of the benefits of sugar wax is that it is much easier to remove from the skin.

Unlike regular wax, sugar wax is water soluble. It’s easy to clean up — no matter how long it’s been on the skin — and you aren’t left with a sticky feeling on your skin after the treatment is finished!

4. Less Irritation Post Treatment

A wax treatment that uses harsh chemicals such as plasticizers can leave your skin swollen, red, and irritated for days afterward. Since sugar wax doesn’t have to be as hot as regular wax, and since it’s all natural, there is less swelling post treatment.

You’ll also experience less irritation since sugar wax doesn’t stick to water-containing live cells. It only removes dead skin cells, meaning it will be less painful and will leave your skin softer and smoother.

5. Permanent Results

After just 3-4 back to back sugar wax treatments, you will notice a reduction in hair regrowth. Not long after that, the hair follicle will completely atrophy — meaning soon after you begin sugaring, you will have permanently smooth skin!

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